Tanktop Gauging/Sampling Stations

AFor Land Based Petro/Chem Storage Tanks

Custom Designs for Repeatable Product Measurement Accuracy

1. MB, 2", 150#
Standard Gauging and 1/2 Liter Sampling Station. This positive-type shut-off valve allows gauging with UTI or UI tapes, or fixed-in place permanent gauging/sampling stations with "BS" or "MBS" type positive shut-off valves with built-in sampling port.

2. MBXF, 2", 150#
Variable Height and Flange Size Gauging Station. This version has all the features of the "MB" type above but is built to custom specification for flange type and size. The valve top refence plane height (min. 7"), can be fabricated for an even and fixed addition to a storage tank's existing strapping table.

3. GPSXF, 2"
Gauging Pipe Station, With Custom Flange Mounting. This simple modification of the "MBXF" type is suitable for applications where the positive shut-off of a tank gauging port is not required. It can accommodate any of MMC's gauging tapes with 1/2 liter sampling by means of MMC's standard portable sampler tapes of the PIP variety.

4. GPST-2
Gauging Pipe Station, for Pipe Threaded Mounting. This gauging and sampling fixture is the simplest type available. It can be installed into a field-prepared 2" pipe threaded hole in an existing gauging port cover. It can also be pipe-coupling mounted on an available tank-top pipe entry of at least 1 1/2" diameter.

5. GPSB-2
Gauging Pipe Station, for Temporary Purposes. This special version is used with owner-supplied mounting support, in situations where only periodic tank contents audit measurements are required. It can also be used for periodic verification of fixed tank level measument systems' accuracy. Other non-permanent fixtures can be custom designed upon request.

6. GSSC-24
Gauging Station with Swing-Open Cover, for Other than 1/2 Liter Sampling. Designed to perform any of the permanent-type fixture functions, this unit was specifically intended for open gauging applications where large sample volumes (1-2 liters) are required as a single dip operation. The opening diameter of the pipe structure from the mounting flange base to the swing away cover is 4". The swing-away cover is easily opened with ordinary handtools, by turning two brass cam locks to their open position, and rotating away the top works. The standard flange mounting base is 4", 150# size. Other flange sizes and types are available upon request.